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    How to fix Blackscreen after installing ebDrivers

    Hi, I decieded to write this thread because when I needed help, I found some solutions here , on tonnymac. It's not an asking for help here; the objective is to help anyone who could be on the same situation that I've been Yesterday. As my profile states, my customac has a H77m_Dh3 mobo, a i7...
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    GTX 560 can't show higher res than 1080p

    Hello, I have a hackintosh since may of 2017, and it worked perfectly with a 720p display. I finally upgraded to a 4K monitor. I tested it with my laptop, and I can get the 4K resolution, 2K, etc... BUT with my hackintosh computer, the maximum I can get is 1080p. I only want to get 2K because is...
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    H77m-Dh3 Sierra?

    Tanks for repliying,@BreBo, so, i have to select the nvidia drivers on installation or do i need to download from the nvidia web. Is there any web where i could find a guide about that? The voodooHDA i've heard, but... whats about sound latency ? Because i want to use logic so it's important for...
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    H77m-Dh3 Sierra?

    Hi, i'm wondering if i could install this version of mac on my computer. I don't want to upgrade the hardware, cause it works very well. I've seen that people with the same motherboard and a gtx 560(non ti like mine) were able to get running osx,yosemite,mountain and mavericks. My computer has...