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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for OS X 10.11.0 (346.03.02)

    Did the Upgrade from 346.03.02f01 to 346.03.02f02 --> Boot is not possible anymore The Bar loads but after it' full nothing happens. I even removed the grafic card, went back to 346.03.02f01 but I still have that problem. Don't know what caused that, before performing the update I had no...
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    "Unsupported CPU" after changing from gtx 760 to gtx 970 ?

    Update : I managed to solve the problem - I removed the card, installed the Cuda + Webdriver, set the default driver to nvidia and set the build to Macpro 3,1 , installed the card again -> Success!
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    "Unsupported CPU" after changing from gtx 760 to gtx 970 ?

    Hello Guys, maybe you can help me. I am running 10.10.3 and changed my graphic card from a Gtx 760 to a Gtx 970 ( both Windforce Edition). However , after I tried to boot into OsX ( neihter internal Graphics with my 4670K nor the 970) I stuck at booting. After looking what happens, I get...
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    Early 2015 Macs Will Bring Broadwell CPU and Graphics Compatibility To OS X

    Does anyone need some more information / kexts of the MBP Early 2015 ? Got one.
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    Pc randomly freezes after updating to 10.9.4

    I removed the 1333 Mhz Ram, the Profile was already set right and i used the voltage . Works fine so far, thank you!
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    Pc randomly freezes after updating to 10.9.4

    Thank you for your help so far ! :) I am using the original Apple Keyboard and a DarkGlider Mouse, I will test if I get any freezes after removing them. About the Ram, I will remove the Samsung Ram anyway because it was borrowed, afterwards I'll set the profile and check the Ram Voltage...
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    Pc randomly freezes after updating to 10.9.4

    Hey Guys, after updating my Pc from 10.9.3 to 10.9.4 with Multibeast 6.4 , my Pc sometimes freezes randomly. The update went well ( no panic or other issues ) and I reinstalled the Audio Driver ALC 892 sucessfully. My Pc Build so far : - Intel Core i5 4670K -24 gb ram ( 2 x corsair...
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    OS X 10.9.4 Update

    Worked great, thank you!
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    OS X 10.9.2 Update

    I did the Update with my Z87M-D3H Mainboard. No Problems with the Update, everything works fine :)
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    Packard Bell Tj75 DSDT ???

    aha. okay. thank you for that information. I had once a running system with 10.6.8 , the touchpad was the only thing not working , but the rest of my hardware was running.... ( the touchpad doesn't work anymore , so ..) Does that mean that I can install OS X again without having any...
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    Packard Bell Tj75 DSDT ???

    I have red about the article " Extract your own DSDT"... But when I do it, do I have to inject anything afterwards? Because there is no patch on ..
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    Packard Bell Tj75 DSDT ???

    Hey Guys, after researching the hole day I am really tired of looking for the DSDT of my laptop, i can't find it. :( I really don't know where I can look for it . The model is : Packard Bell tj75 .... can anyone help??? ( btw , not any of the usual programs for windows to detect...
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    White Translucent Bar...

    Hello Guys ... I managed to get QE/CI at my 5470 mobility , resolution is also okay, but as mentioned i have i white Translucent bar ... look here: ... 08123.png/ ...any idea?
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    EDID-Injection,plist save error

    Hey guys , I managed to get my 5470 Mobility work ( HDMI + VGA) but the internal display is not shown.. As the tutorial says ( ... pic=208410 ) I have to get my Edid ( I did that from windows) to inject it In Method A , i have to open the data ...
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    DELL N3010 aka 13R_Hackintosh DUAL BOOT TUTORIAL LION + WIN

    Re: DELL N3010m aka 13R_Hackintosh DUAL BOOT TUTORIAL did you have to do a EDID injection? If so , can you please explain it to me? i Just don't get what to do in the tuorial -.-