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    macOS 10.13.6 Update

    Do a search, there already is a port limit patch, I was able to find it a few days ago when I updated
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    Allow From Anywhere (Disable Gatekeeper checks) in macOS Sierra

    Umm.. No, I read that article, it is irrelevant to what I said completely. Did you read my whole post? I said that they have no intention of stopping anyone from running whatever they want and explained how gate keeper is just a failsafe for less tech savvy people. I also in no way whatsoever...
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    Allow From Anywhere (Disable Gatekeeper checks) in macOS Sierra

    Apple has no issue with people using 3rd party apps! All apple did was make it friendlier for macOS users who might not be as tech savvy or aren't familiar with something potentially harmful that they found on the internet. The reason that they removed Allow From Anywhere in the setting wasn't...
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    keyboard shift ctrl win and alt not working in os x

    I ended up getting a new keyboard a long time ago now. I never did figure out why it was happening. Some keyboards just have that issue in OS X and others don't. Most keyboard work perfectly fine in all systems but if you are unlucky you might get one that OS X doesn't like for some reason.
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    GTX 760 Slow Performance

    Sorry to post on such an old thread, but I thought I would say something here just in case people find this searching for this problem as I just have. It appears to be a problem with the First Gen Core i processors. I am having the exact same problem in a machine with a Xeon W3520 (i7 920...
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    Rickyreall84’s G5 Yin Yang build

    Wow! your build looks fantastic! I am a huge fan of the black and white look. I have the MSI Z97S krait edition as well, with all black and white components to match. I have attempted to mod apple's cases in the past, but it turns out I'm not so good at it haha. So I opted to put mine in a white...
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    Samsung or Hynix? Which is better RAM?

    I am starting a project with all used, or low cost parts found on eBay or Kijiji. And I have decided to put 32 GB of RAM in it since the computer is Xeon based and designed to use it, and it is so cheap on eBay. There are two types of RAM that I have found for a really good price, one set is...
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    Custom OS X Drive Icons Tutorial

    Hey, Sorry I haven't had a chance to check back here in a little while. Yes I can make those icons for you, however when I googled both the drives there was a couple different looking drives that go by each name. Could you give me the model numbers?
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    One poney trick Logic pro x

    However, If you do want to go through with a Hackintosh this is what I would suggest for what you are doing: CPU: Intel i7 4790 Reason: Because you don't need to overclock for what you are doing so save money by not buying the K version. The 4790 will be more then enough horsepower for...
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    One poney trick Logic pro x

    If you are okay with going with a desktop computer, Have you considered a used cheese grater mac pro tower? Not to take you away from hackintosh or anything because they are a lot of fun, but and it is a big but; There is a reason that they are still the computer you see in most recording...
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    Custom SSD Icons

    I have made icons for the currently most common SSD's and HDD's. Including the Seagate Barracuda and WD colour drives! Download Here I have also made a tutorial on how to change the icons for anyone who is brand new to OS X...
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    Custom OS X Drive Icons Tutorial

    Hello everyone! I have made icons for the most common SSD's and HDD's. Here is a very easy tutorial on how to use them. It is a cool way to differentiate between your different drives and personalize your install of OS X. I have made the steps detailed so that the people who are completly new to...
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    Wrong System Icon Showing in Finder

    Hey, thanks for your reply, I have been away for a couple days and haven't been able to check back here until now. See my problem is that it the icon in the sidebar and the icon that finder shows in the get info box don't match up. It is super weird. and when I am in a different user account it...
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    Wrong System Icon Showing in Finder

    Hello, I have my computer running with the system definition MacPro5,1 and that is what it says and shows in system information. But in finder it shows an image of an iMac, however when I right click the icon and click get info it correctly shows a mac pro. When I am in a different user account...
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    What Monitor or Display Do You Use?

    Asus PB287Q 28" 4K monitor I run it through displayport 1.2 at 4K 3840x2160 @60hz on a GTX 760.