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    macOS 10.14.5 Update

    Trashed my install. Not sure why yet, gotta research. Updated clover, updated kexts (I keep them in L/E), installed, and now it won't boot. Get's stuck in a boot loop trying to initialize GFX0 on my AMD GPU. Fortunately my backup boot drive lets me boot up. Edit: K I guess I neglected to use a...
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    macOS 10.14.4 Update

    iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS, APFS NVMe boot drive, kexts in /L/E/.. updated Clover to latest and AppleALC.kext, Lilu.kext and Whatevergreen.kext to latest using Clover Configurator, rebooted; initiated upgrade from Sys Prefs; rebooted twice auto selecting the right install prebooter from preboot option...
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    [READ ME FIRST!] Graphics Setup & Troubleshooting

    Hi all, it's not worth going down the official trouble-shooting files/post path because I'll be getting an rx 570 card in a few days, but in case anyone has some advice, here's my issue: was using 1060, but decided to jump to mojave with UHD630 iGPU. Using latest WhateverGreen and Lilu kexts...
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    Help with Mojave Installation on Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 -Op

    Ok I was confused because you said you selected UEFI. Multibeast starts with UEFI and legacy. The nice thing about multibeast is that it creates a generic, safe (but unoptimized!) config.plist for you given a few inputs from you. Honestly I think it's a good place to start because it gives you...
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    Help with Mojave Installation on Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 -Op

    Yep it's overwhelming. Sounds like you are trying to use Multibeast to create the stick? There are certainly a lot of options. There is contextual help, and there should be guides for z3xx series boards. The good news is a lot of Multibeast is optimization, and you don't care about that, you're...
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    Help with Mojave Installation on Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 -Op

    So to be clear, your board is not recognizing that the NVME is bootable. The previous recommendations are good, disable/remove Optane (I don't know what that is, sounds like something specific to your hardware); try a different NVME slot (my board has two slots; on my z170 I had to use the "top"...
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    [Solved] Stuck during Step 5 of the Mojave Unibeast install

    For what it's worth I've had clover updates break my build. I always update clover cautiously for this reason.
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    Help with Mojave Installation on Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 -Op

    Welcome to the forum. You have provided lots of good info and a build in your signature so that's a great starting place. I have a GA 370-based system. In my case I had HS running on it. I disabled my nvidia GPU in the BIOS, swapped video out cables to the IGPU, updated clover, lilu.kext and...
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    Nvidia Drivers for Mojave 10.14 Not Available, no WorkAround works well

    I don't even understand NVidia's dev post about should Apple want help our engineers are eager to help. Did Apple ask for 10xx help? NVidia released those drivers as far as I know without any support from Apple. Definitely feels like no one is really taking ownership of NVidia drivers for...
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    [Success] 8700K, Gigabyte Z370-HD3P, UHD Graphics 630, macOS High Sierra, Mojave

    Resolved. Dopey me. I have no idea why it took so long for me to realize I had a rogue "nv_disable=1" in my boot args, a hold-over from the default config that unibeast created. Fixed. On this board you need to NOT have "nv_disable=1", you need Nvidia Web true, and you need the web drivers...
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    [Success] 8700K, Gigabyte Z370-HD3P, UHD Graphics 630, macOS High Sierra, Mojave

    I have this build working on the UHD 630. My issue is I added in a nVidia 1060 6GB and while the system shows that it's using the nVidia drivers, the drivers don't load and the ATM shows "nvidia chip model 7MB", which is a fairly common problem but I can't figure it out. I don't think it's the...
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    Apple Reveals macOS 10.14 Mojave at WWDC - Available Fall 2018

    Good golly. Posting this nonsense on a forum filled mostly with folks that love macOS enough to spend hours getting it to work on off-the-shelf hardware. Yes, some of the folks here do it specifically to save money but I have always owned Apple hardware in addition to Hackintoshes. I do it...
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    After 10.13.4 Security Update, Sleep Not Working

    Hi @mike3run I see you have an almost identical system to mine, and sleep is working for you but not for me. Would you be able to share your config.plist (remove serial number if you like) and a screenshot of your clover efi with kexts and acpi/patched exploded? Thank you. When I just leave the...
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (387.

    Can confirm that the newer Lilu and NvidiaGraphicsFixup kexts + 10.13.4 + 1060 + new drivers does not cause black screen on z170x board with SMBIOS iMac14,2. I have several other Lilu plugins (CoreDisplayFixup, IntelGraphicsFixup, Shiki) and was able to turn Chrome Hardware Rendering back on...
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    Does macOS High Sierra support NVME SSD natively?

    Boy it's been a while. The details are in @RehabMan's repository here: and in the full instructions thread here: simply and without much...