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    [Voodoo-PS2-Controller] Touchpad fully works, keyboard doesn't work at all

    Hi! I can't get my keyboard working. Touchpad fully works (even with trackpad sysprefs after I patched DSDT for battery status), so I believe VoodooPS2Controller.kext itself is installed correctly. There're even some keyboard entries in IOReg: and in keyboard modifier keys sysprefs...
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    [Guide] How to patch DSDT for working battery status

    Got battery status working (along with trackpad sysprefs) on HP Omen X 17-ap001ur laptop thanks to this guide.
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    Can't get VoodooPS2Controller fully work on HP Omen X

    Hi! I've installed High Sierra (10.13.5) using latest Unibeast (8.3.2) on my HP Omen X laptop. Then I've tried to make keyboard and touchpad work using VoodooPS2Controller, but encountered serious issues I don't know how to fix. Touchpad started to work partially. I can move the cursor and...