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    Black screen Intel HD 530 on Mojave after patching Framebuffer

    Here it is, I've uploaded it already, but this one should work
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    Desktop Intel HD 530 5MB Skylake on Mojave no acceleration

    Use the search feature browse that thread I got three screen working on HD530
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    Intel 530 graphics only at 1080

    If you haven't changed the config.plist, you're missing a couple of things: - acpi patches are not properly set, the following are missing: - rename GFX0 to iGPU - rename HECI to IMEI have you tried adding the flags for 4K? check the pinned threads, you'll find, most of the time, the answer...
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    [GUIDE/Workaround] Using Intel HD530 with Dual Monitors

    I got 3 displays working on a Dell 3040 HD530 2xDP, 1xHDMI - Mojave 10.14.2 hot plug works, no need to turn on or off, no black blinking no sleep though - can't care less attached plist has re-generated serial number
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    How to set ig-platform-id?

    Clover configurator adds and removes properties according to your selections add an input in a field, the field pops into your config.plist
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    Intel 530 graphics only at 1080

    I went from 10.12.2 to Mojave directly, what used to work in Sierra wouldn't in Mojave so I had to start over. What you're describing is, I think, is solved by the latest Lilu + Whatevergreen give it a shot, duplicate your EFI folder so you have a working EFI just in case, and keep researching...
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    [Release] Hackintool v3.x.x

    I personally liked the old blue icon with the Intel logo regardless, the work you have put in that tool is just tremendous. thanks !
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    How to set ig-platform-id?

    you can edit almost anything related to the config.plist using CLover Configurator make sure that you download latest build and that you use it with latest Clover build Also, look into the Graphics pinned threads... everything you...
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    Intel HD Graphics 530 no acceleration

    Your config.plist features too many different video settings for graphics. Desktop HD530 requires you to use either 0x19120000 or 0x193B0005. No fake ID (fake ID 0x12345678 is only used in clover at boot to deactivate video support and recover from a black screen in case you messed up your...
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    Intel 530 graphics only at 1080

    You should address that 4K issue with current solutions latest Lilu and Whatevergreen (WEG) are replacements for the pixel-clock patch (included in WEG) just create a patch with proper informations and check Enable HDMI20 (4K) in Hackintool Hackintool...
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    Tiny tiny writing

    You don't have HiDPi scaled resolutions available in the Display preference pane? then you must have an EDID issue use Hackintool to generate a patched EDID and place it in the appropriate folder Post #528 has all...
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    Intel HD530 only 7mb

    If you really had exhausted every guide you could find, you would have a working display Your config.plist does not include any ACPI rename You should have read by now that Fake ID 0x12345678 is actually DE-activating the video support. furthermore, you only need Lilu and Whatevergreen - no...
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    Black screen Intel HD 530 on Mojave after patching Framebuffer

    Hey, so the difference between your provided plist and mine is about the video ports, so I edited mine and changed it to 3 video ports (you wrote 2). I rebooted : BAM 3 screens worked. I change nothing, I just reboot: Black screen :crazy: So I switched the video ports to 4, I booted with 3...
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    Black screen Intel HD 530 on Mojave after patching Framebuffer

    I have two profiles, one working with dual screen and 0x19120000, so I don't need to boot with fake ID. But rebuilding caches hasn't changed a thing. I noticed that I had old irrelevant .kext in S/L/E, so I removed them, but rebuilding cache had no impact. once I boot up with 0x193B0005 i get...
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    Black screen Intel HD 530 on Mojave after patching Framebuffer

    I had a question previously, regarding DMVT, I've set the variable in an EFI shell setup_var 0x350 0x3 (96MB) Anyway... So my settings were working fine, once ( I kept computer running since my last fine boot, and then no longer ? how come? I haven't modified my config.plist I booted with my...