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    Security Update 2021-004 10.15.7 Killed My System

    Totally guessing here, but perhaps you have something similar to my experience. Every time I update, MacOS installer changes a couple of settings in the UEFI (BIOS). I need to go to the UEFI and change the settings back to get it to continue. Check to see if all of your UEFI (BIOS) settings are...
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    macOS Catalina Security Update 2021-004

    Just updated to 19H1323 without updating kexts. All worked as expected. As always, I needed to reset some UEFI parameters after the first reboot to get the installer to continue. I will update kexts when I have more time. Also, I really need to update to Big Sur and change to OpenCore.
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    [GUIDE] Remove extra Clover BIOS boot entries & prevent further problems

    You are probably fine just leaving this as is for now. You have an older UEFI(BIOS), so perhaps this is as good as it will get. Check to see if you can set to boot to UEFI only in the BIOS as this may help things a bit. Really, I wouldn't worry about the extra boot entries for now. First get the...
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    macOS 10.15.7 Supplemental Update

    I just found this out the hard way. I tried to update to Clover r5126, but my computer would not boot. I discovered that Clover was now using OpenCore for r5123+ from a post by Slice in the change log. I reverted back to 5122 using my backup. I know there are some configurations that I need to...
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    macOS 10.15.6 Supplemental Update

    Easy update for me: • Clover was already up to date. Updated Lilu, Whatevergreen and VirtualSMC. • On the first restart, the UEFI reset to defaults, so I had to go in and change the settings to be compatible. (This seems to happen more often than not when updating my system.) • 2 restarts...
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    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    In my opinion the current hierarchy of UI's goes MacOS, Windows, Linux. MacOS is still the most polished and usable to me, but Windows 10 is a lot better than previous versions. Linux is somewhat primitive as far as the UI is concerned, and I don't see it catching up as the development is...
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    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    Wow! This has such a different feel and many more unknowns than the switch from PPC to Intel X86. This is a much more complex transition than anything done successfully before in the PC world. Here are a few thoughts... From my perspective: Apple seems to be completely abandoning the enthusiast...
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    macOS 10.15.5 Supplemental Update

    This one was tricky for me... I updated to 10.15.5 with no problems so I thought this would be easy as well. I installed the latest Lilu, Whatevergreen, and VirtualSMC. I was already on the latest Clover 5118, so no changes there. Then I backed up my system. This "supplemental" update was...
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    macOS 10.15.4 Supplemental Update

    Easy update for me. Backed up first of course, just in case. Updated to Clover v5109, VirtualsSMC 1.1.2, Lilu 1.4.3 and WhateverGreen 1.3.8. It went smoother than the initial update to 10.15.4. The first restart went to the UEFI again instead of Clover. After restarting from the UEFI, it booted...
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    macOS 10.15.4 Update

    Wow! I'm really late to the party this time due to a move. Updated to Clover 5108 using the new Clover App. Updated Lilu, WhatEverGreen and VirtualSMC. Update went mostly good, but took about an hour. There were several long pauses where it seemed it was stuck, but just needed more time to work...
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    How to Update Clover v2.4k r4xxx to v2.5k r5xxx (v2.4k r4972 to v2.5 r5018 example)

    This is an expected and standard message. Clover is not recognized by Apple, so it is listed as not compatible no matter which version you try to install it on. Just choose to continue and you should be able to install it successfully.
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    [GUIDE] Remove extra Clover BIOS boot entries & prevent further problems

    Did you try resetting the CMOS? Q-Flashing the bios may help. I can't imagine why you can't boot from a Windows 10 Installer USB. Perhaps your Windows 10 Installer USB is bad, or perhaps it was not set to boot UEFI systems. Try disconnecting any internal HD's and SSD's and just having the...
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    macOS 10.15.3 Update

    Backed up my 10.15.2 installation - of course. Checked my /L/E folder and found a duplicate FakeSCM kext (deleted), a deprecated internet kext (deleted), and an old IntelMausiEthernet kext (deleted). (I was impressed with myself as I had labeled these kexts when I installed them with a red dot...
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    [GUIDE] Remove extra Clover BIOS boot entries & prevent further problems

    First, try resetting the CMOS on the motherboard, and then try the installation USB again. If that doesn't work you can try this... Note, I have had success with this sometimes, but I don't really know exactly why it worked. At least it will not make anything worse: Format a USB drive with...
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    macOS 10.15.2 Update

    All working well. Updated Lilu and Whatevergreen, and also Clover to v5100.