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    Display Issue with RX Vega 64

    Hey @YoungMike, I'm having a hard time with my Hackintosh too. What was exactly what you did to solve your issues? All of that post? Also, what do you mean with ¨Clover needs to be force booted from my bios when CSM is disabled¨? I have CMS disabled from my bios, booting seems fine to me... I'm...
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    [Solved] High Sierra Resolution Problem with Nvidia GTX550 TI

    Not me...:cry: I'm currently running high Sierra
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    [Solved] High Sierra Resolution Problem with Nvidia GTX550 TI

    Hi, can u explain a little bit what did you do? I'm currently using MacOS sierra because I wasn't able to sort this problem. Thanks
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    UniBeast: Install macOS High Sierra on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Hi, I’m currently on a similar situation with my GTX 550ti, it worked perfectly with macOS Sierra and now I tried everything but still no luck... . Right now I’m able to boot up but it seems there isn’t any driver working since the screen shows some glitches and the animations are slow and choppy.
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    Fix for failure NVIDIA Web Driver on High Sierra, black screen, panics.

    Hi, I'm actually stuck with rebooting problem. I followed this guide and I realized unchecking `nv_drv=1` (defaulted to unchecked) the system boots with glitched screen (no nvidia drivers I think), otherwise I get `gIOScreenLockState`. Any thoughts? MacOS Sierra worked as a charm with the very...
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    High Sierra Graphic Drivers for Fermi (GeForce GFX 560 TI)?

    Hello there, I'm currently on the same situation with my build :problem: GTX 550 ti. It was working just fine with Sierra... any news with this problem for Fermi cards?
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    Photoshop CC crashes in El Capitan

    Hi, I tried this an it works great! thank u very much! :clap: P.D: I was also having problems with quicktime screen recording an this solved the problem too.
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    MSI H77MA-G43 + i5-3550 Ivy Bridge + EVGA Geforce GTX 660 Ti Won't Boot

    Hi, can u tellme how to disable VT-d? thanks