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    [Guide] Intel Skylake NUC6 (and Skull Canyon) using Clover UEFI (NUC6i5SYK, NUC6i7KYK, etc)

    I've been following this (and the other) thread, and looks like you have instructions not mentioned in post #1. I haven't actually started the install, as I'm having problems creating the USB installer. All my 8 and 16 GB USB drives are USB 3.0, and my USB 2.0's are small (up to 1GB). I...
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    [Guide] Intel Skylake NUC6 (and Skull Canyon) using Clover UEFI (NUC6i5SYK, NUC6i7KYK, etc)

    May I request a separate and updated guide exclusively for the skull canyon ? I'm new to clover and I'm having a hard time following the guide. Much appreciated.
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    Lion Server on an HP Mediasmart EX485

    My EX 485 system drive died a while back. And I haven't revived it since. Would also like to know if anyone has successfully installed El Capitan on this one. Looking forward for some guides too. Trying to get rid off MS OS from my machines as well. :)
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    [initial success] Skull Canyon NUC

    I'd like to help with the testing. But the last time I built a hackintosh, was when the OS X was still Snow Leopard. But I'm new to Clover, and not quite familiar with the GIT steps. So it's like a newbie once again, and the learning curve might be steep.
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    Windows 10 user

    If starting from scratch: OS X Lion (10.7) is still available I believe: Or even Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 DVD...
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    [initial success] Skull Canyon NUC

    Great job guys. I'll continue watching this thread, and will try my install soon. I've done my first hackintosh 5 yrs ago (SL then Lion), but looks like El Capitan on Skull Canyon is a totally new trail. Thanks for leading the path.
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    [initial success] Skull Canyon NUC

    Any updates on working guides for the Skull Canyon? My parts will arrive next week, and can't wait to install El Capitan on this tiny beast.
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    Is is possible to run a old PC case fan on USB?

    Maybe you need something like this: But looks like your fan used to have a molex connector? The above only works with the regular pwm connector. Maybe just get an old USB cord and splice the ground and positive wires. Take note that USB only supplies 5V, while...
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    Instaling lion without Snow Leopard and Xmove + multibeast

    Guys, at the moment, the supported procedure in simplified form: - Update exisitng Snow Leopard 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 - Download latest MultiBeast and xMove - purchase Lion from App Store, and install to current SL partition - run MultiBeast to load Chimera (if you haven't done so) - create...
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    HDD's not found on Lion Installer

    Have you partitioned/formatted (GUID, yada yada yada) the other drive? Have you ran Multibeast to load Chimera before running xMove?
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    Instaling lion without Snow Leopard and Xmove + multibeast

    The forum rules I think are clear. This site is about purchased retail methods only. If you don't have an existing Snow Leopard (which is the only way to get Lion at the moment), you can't be supported. The good news is, there are other sites that can support you on that.
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    Dual Monitors in Lion... Anyone?

    Radeon 6850, using two DVI monitors, with GE=No.
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    SUCCESS! - ensure 6.7 is off your partitioned boot drive

    What's wrong with 10.6.7 ? I purchased Lion using SL 10.6.7. Not sure what the problem was, but 10.6.7 is not the problem per se.
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    Post your GEEKBENCH scores!

    Re: Post you GEEKBENCH scores! 12886 (32-bit) Using a 5400rpm HDD for now. How can I improve?
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    Lion Installer Will NOT Boot Please HELP

    Did you run the lastest MultiBeast and installed the latest Chimera bootloader before running xMove?