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    Stork's Entry Level Hector Build: GA-H97N-WIFI - i5-4690 - HD4600 & GTX 760

    Ah, gotcha. I was basing off memory. I think Yosemite was out before Clover was integrated into MB, so maybe MB was updated with a mid version release? BTW, I went back and checked the (currently live version ) MB 7.5, and the features .pdf mentions Chameleon, Chimera and Easybeast, but not...
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    Stork's Entry Level Hector Build: GA-H97N-WIFI - i5-4690 - HD4600 & GTX 760

    Thanks. I did try again to install all 3 kexts with MB, but it still didn't work. I wiped the system and started to reinstall. But, once I booted from the UniBeast drive and before I started the OS install, I opened the terminal and pinged my router, and it was working, so I knew it wasn't my...
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    Stork's Entry Level Hector Build: GA-H97N-WIFI - i5-4690 - HD4600 & GTX 760

    Hey Stork, Thanks for keeping this guide alive. I've actually built 4 systems using it, and 2.5 of them have been relatively problem free for a few years (2 of them are servers, and have been up somewhat 24/7 for more than 3 years!). I've replaced one of these builds (Red Depth in my sig) with...
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    Hardware Monitor not loading

    Hi all, Z370N wifi i5 8600 32GB RAM No GPU, using IGFX OSX 10.13.6 installed via Latest UB and MB This was a relatively easy build, and I had everything but audio working. At this point, Hardware Monitor loaded fine. Sometime later, I was able to get AppleALC working great, and at the same...
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    How to build your own iMac Pro [Successful Build/Extended Guide]

    Hi all, Has anyone had success getting either the ASUS ThunderboldEX 3 card or the Gigabyte Alpine Ridge(rev2) (other threads suggest that they are intercompatible on x99 and x299 mobos) cards working on this build? Specifically, I'm wondering if multiple cards in a single build are supported...
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    Skylake Intel Graphics 530 hot swap

    Hi all, I am looking to put together a Z170 build for HTPC. I currently have a Z97N that works OK, but is plagued by the HDMI hot swap glitch when using the 4600 graphics. Are there any Skylake itx configurations that support Intel 530 HDMI hot swapping, along with system sleep and bluetooth...
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    Skylake ITX advice

    Thanks for the info. I've just perused that thread - it looks like it will somewhat work for me (wake/sleep functioning would be nice too ; ) Do you know if Intel530 has the same HDMI hot swap crash that Intel4600 has? Would I be able to avoid it by using the DP to HDMI adapter? thx!
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac

    Hey ammulder, et al, A couple questions: - I'm interested in this build for a HTPC. I currently have a GA z97N-wifi system that works OK, but is hobbled by the HDMI hot swap crash that I understand plagues intel4600 configurations... (thus I use a DVI to HDMI adapter to avoid this on my...
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    Skylake ITX advice

    I've already built an i7 Z97N-wifi system in one of the Realan cases. It runs little hot, but has otherwise been mostly stable. For this next one, I plan on using the lower wattage i7 as well. thx!
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    Skylake ITX advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to build a Skylake i7 itx HTPC system. For surfing and video watching, not planning on doing any gaming. I do want to upgrade to a 4K display though. I've been searching around the forums for a few hours looking for answers to my questions, but am not seeing a lot of posts...
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    HDMI hot swap kernel panic on Skylake systems?

    hi all, I've build a number of Z97 i7 4790 hacks using variations on Stork's "Hector" build. I'm using the HD4600 graphics, not a discreet card. The only real problem I'm having is that the one hack that I built specific to be a HTPC is subject to an apparently known issue where the system...
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    Stork's Entry Level Hector Build: GA-H97N-WIFI - i5-4690 - HD4600 & GTX 760

    Thanks! I did the swap and started it up without the caches. Everything works great, *except* my wifi no longer works. This isn't crucial, since I've got this machine on an ethernet network, but I would like to slay the gremlin for the sake of better understanding the underpinnings of it all...
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    Stork's Entry Level Hector Build: GA-H97N-WIFI - i5-4690 - HD4600 & GTX 760

    Heya Stork, I've already built 2 Hacks from this guide, so many thanks! For one of them, I've crammed a i7 4790 into a tiny Realan EQ6 case that doesn't have enough height for a big enough cooler for the CPU. It's not running too terribly hot (no crashes) but just in case, I'm wanting to...
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    New Automatic HDMI Audio Script Released

    Hey Toleda, GA Z97N WIFI BIOS F7 i7 4790 16GB Crucial Ballistix Intel 4600 OSX 10.10.5 HDMI 1080p video and audio routing through an Anthem AVM-50 processor System installed using Stork's Yosemite Chameleon guide, and then added Clover using the Tonymac guide for Clover/Yosemite Audio is...
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    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    Hi all, GA Z97N WIFI OSX 10.10.5 i7 4790 16GB Ballistix Tactical Installed using Stork's Z97N wifi guide I think I'm a little confused about Unibeast 6.1.1 and Clover. If run the installation using Unibeast 6.1.1, is that creating all the files, folders and settings that would be if...