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    Forum inspired cube mod

    You're absolutely right..I've seen the price go up recently. I've not had much time over past 5 months and I'm going to wait for the Haswell equivalent of the motherboard now. I think I may just end up running linux on it so compatibility with OS X isn't a worry for me. I mostly just want a...
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    Forum inspired cube mod

    Thanks! That ScratchX stuff is magic...going around seeing what else needs cleaning up!
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    Forum inspired cube mod

    After following the threads of the other great cube mods and having thought about a hackintosh for a while I decided I'd tackle a cube! After watching ebay and various sites for a few months it seemed cubes are in high demand and in low supply and to get a mint one would cost me around £100, a...
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    ZFS permissions

    ZFS has nothing to do with permissions. The problem is likely to how the windows machine is connected to the file server - protocol (smb/nfs..) and which user it is logged in as. This will determine the file permissions when it's moved by therenamer. Make sure the user that windows connects to...
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    Trying to tackle a G4 Cube hack.

    How's the cube doing? Any issues with temperature? I'm disappointed that motherboard doesn't support the Core i7 3770T (45W).
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    Going to start a long term build project G4 Cube.

    So how's the mod going?
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    [Success] Core i5 3570k GA-Q77M-D2H 16GB RAM Dual Boot (Mountain Lion 10.8.1 & Win7)

    Anyone try the new BIOS that @ggl07 cryptically describes?
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    apple remote compatibility on pc?

    Where did you buy it from? I'm struggling to find anywhere. edit: I'm in UK
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    bitdoctor's MiniMacPro Build: intel Core i7-3770 - Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI - HD 4000 - 16 GB - 256 GB

    Thanks for posting this build - particularly the pictures. I've considered that case for a while but every review said it was so cramped. It looks snug but manageable. Might give it a shot but with the 3225 i3.
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    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide January 2013

    A comment about the bitfenix prodogy and PSU....Anandtech recommended getting a 140mm PSU for this case and the Corsair one listed is 160mm. Maybe something like this:
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    HP Microserver N40L (referring an old guide for installing Snow Leopard on N36L)

    This does have a AMD Turion™ II Neo N40L (1.5GHz) which I believe iBoot doesn't support. However, I've come across this site which shows how to install on a N36L (very similar older version of the HP Microserver), however, some of the websites and files that are referenced no longer seem to be...