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    << Solved >> Do the Samsung 970 EVO Plus drives work ? New Firmware Available 2B2QEXM7

    Both are totally different drives in comparison to each other.
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    Anyone tried RX 5700 (XT) with latest public beta?

    AMD announce Radeon™ Pro W5700 Workstation Graphics Card:
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    Solved > 75 posts just so we can private message??!!

    I have marked this as solved. "Private conversations are only enabled once a user has 75 valid posts." "Members may not solicit nor provide assistance via private conversations. This forum was created to provide help by posting questions and getting answers...
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    Solved > 75 posts just so we can private message??!!

    What do you have to hide on an open public forum?
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    Motherboard for Core i3-9100F?

    Intel 9th gen Coffee Lake is just a revision of Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake specification. The socket is the same and the 9th gen processors have been out for long enough (March 2019 or so) that any board that you buy should have 9th gen supported BIOS/UEFI versions already installed and probably...
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    Motherboard for Core i3-9100F?

    i3-9100F does not have onboard graphics. You would need to use a supported GPU instead with this processor. All Intel processor with a suffix (designation at the end of the model number) of 'F' are made to not have graphics capabilities and you must use a GPU with all of these processors...
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    How to Update Your Gigabyte Motherboard's BIOS

    F24 would appear to be the latest BIOS version for your board. Updating BIOS isn't always necessary unless you are having some issues or wish to upgrade your CPU to a later supported model. You are likely to be fine to go ahead and install High Sierra...
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    << Solved >> Jpgs won't open in Preview Mojave!

    Here is a quick test for you. Power down the computer and remove the second drive (just disconnect power and Sata on the drive). Are you still able to reach the desktop in your installation? Are you now running Mojave instead of High Sierra - if so which precise build version - see About this...
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    << Solved >> Jpgs won't open in Preview Mojave!

    I don't have an answer as how it appears to be running and booting so easily, but sometimes these things seem to happen. I do think that the only way to get Preview working in this instance is to start from scratch.
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    << Solved >> RTL8111H Mojave Issues

    There have been efforts made to find a solution, but there has not been any good news in the last 3 years in getting Intel wifi to work. There has been some hope with Intel forcing Intel wifi onto new motherboards that perhaps Apple may move to Intel wifi - but no luck on that front either...
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    Dual boot OS Mountain lion and high Sierra

    IO used to run macOS and Windows on different drives, I would use a Sata Sata internal hot swap bay to exchange the SSDs when the machine was powered down. Saved a lot of issues as Operating systems can do funny things when updating if there is more than one in a system at any one time. See...
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    << Solved >> Jpgs won't open in Preview Mojave!

    Is there a rational explanation - can this be remedied by using MultiBeast as a test if the user is going to erase the drive anyway?
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    << Solved >> Jpgs won't open in Preview Mojave!

    You are incredibly lucky to have functionality on USB 3.0 ports without doing anything. The following guide will get all ports working properly and USB 3.0 ports will work at full speed.
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    << Solved >> Jpgs won't open in Preview Mojave! You have Realtek 8111 Lan so use the corresponding Lan kext Audio is ALC892 Did you use a config from another guide/user with the same hardware? As UtterDisbelief says you are missing a lot of stuff that should be preventing your...
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    << Solved >> Jpgs won't open in Preview Mojave!

    A UniBeast fresh install would likely solve many issues.