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    Maintaining SSD

    samsung 840 pro 128gb MLC drive? with 10GiB written'll last you about 35 years....
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    MSI H81M-P33 installation problem

    of course, I'll do my best to help you out.
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    Installation stuck @ bluetooth

    try to boot with " dart=0 " , omit quotes
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    TP-LINK TL-WN881ND Not Detected at all.

    it would help further if you provided more info. which ver of osx? I've got it working fine with mavericks with a simple kext. it would behoove you to list he 7 you've used which didn't work. you might have used the right one just done a step wrong... pick up a box of these for 15 bucks a...
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    Final confirmation before i hammer the credit card

    oh and i forgot, if you're partial with sticking with OCZ (toshiba) , I would highly encourage you to drop the extra 20 and spring for a vector 150 240gb. It features Cherry picked Toshiba 19nm NAND, with extra validation and QC. these drives are rated at 92TB write endurance (50GB/day for 5...
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    Final confirmation before i hammer the credit card

    might i recommend a lower tier processor, save yourself some $$$ for the broadwell upgrade (coming soon-ish) . the i5 is essentially the same thing minus hyperthreading. you'll potentially be able to save yourself 80 pounds or so. might I also recommend ditching the kingston ram for some...
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    MSI H81M-P33 installation problem

    you did the PM patch correctly. I have 2 of these boards, the one i'm currently using is PM patched. the other one isn't. I've already pulled half the ram and will be trying up the other one tomorrow to see if it works without the PMpatch. Here are my bios specs, ver 1.1 , make your boot...
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    MSI H81M-P33 installation problem

    I've got Mavericks working perfectly with this board. pretty easy, to help you, as i'm sure you've got one or two settings off. start off by making sure your boot sequence is not efi boot . I'll snap a shot for you later on. Second, try booting with bootflag " dart=0 " (no quote marks) , The...
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    [Sold Out] Kingston SSDNow V300 2.5" 120GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) $65.99

    Not to necropost, but I recently bought several (12+) of these drives and after opening the first 2, I made the same discovery that several users and hardware sites (tweaktown, anandtech, [H], etc) . Kingston has pulled a bait and switch with these drives. As an enthusiast, I've got to...
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    Can not get to installer for Maverick

    working an experimental rig with a g3220 as well, tried the kernel without the xcpm , which resolved the hang at xcpm: registered I was getting earlier, I also PMpatched the bios, did both of them together, so not quite sure which is responsible for the fix. HOWEVER the installer then hits a...
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    Can not make 10.9 on my usb disk

    make sure that you have not altered the name of the 10.9 app store file (should read "Install OS X Mavericks") and also make sure you've got enough space (unibeast creates a virtual image on your hd (about 6-ish GB, then transplants that onto the usb drive) getting a detailed log is easy, open...
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    Booting without iboot disk on a ivy bridge running snow leopard

    Cool thank you for that clarification I figured its something along those lines of something being absent in Snow Leopard that doesn't allow it to natively run. So then I take it that this missing kernel is present on the iBooth for Ivy. If so and it allows Snow Leopard to boot up why can't that...
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    Booting without iboot disk on a ivy bridge running snow leopard

    well i already have several SB machines all "m(h)acked" however its not good enough for me to be honest. I'd much rather use the newer IB setups. SB is great, but the power savings on loaded IB chips has a big power/heat savings over SB (performance aside) . and I'm using a IB with H61 board...
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    Booting without iboot disk on a ivy bridge running snow leopard

    Hey everyone as indicated by my post I am looking to use snow Leopard 10.6.8 on a new system that's using an Ivy Bridge processor. I am a very fond user of Snow Leopard and I Would love to be able to use it with the newest good fast efficient technology out there and that comes in the form of...
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    is this hackable

    i just did it in a matter of 20-30 minutes.....and i'm not uber good with this stuff. i threw that chip together with a MSI H61M-P31 board, intel ssd, 8 gigs of ddr3, and a gt 210 vid card. i had more trouble with unibeast vs the install. i ended using an older version of uni for ML and it...