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    All New Videos Page: Share Your Videos With the Community

    I was watching some of the video's and was thinking maybe a rating option.
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    iMessage not working after Mavericks install

    All I did was a clean install of Mavericks and than take that NVRAM 1.1.2 and copy it to Extra/modules folder..restarted the puter and iMessage works perfect..I did nothing else..
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    iMessage not working after Mavericks install

    Used this method and Worked Perfect for me
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    Hopefully near universal USB 3.0 driver for 3rd part controllers in 10.8.x

    Thanks for this Modded Kext..Works great for me on my Setup with Mountain Lion and I always use Please sleep so no problems for me at all//
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    Z68X-UD3H-B3 U1L Bios update issues (UEFI)

    I upgraded to this Bios two weeks ago from UEFI U1H which worked Great.Only reason was for faster boot speed which was crazy fast after upgrade..Anyways first thing off the bat no mouse in Bios setup.They added some features and I loaded defaults as always and setup features as needed for the...
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    Multibeast 5.1 fails

    OK Big Thanks to all that helped me.MacMan for pointing out that I had a BAD fakesmc.kext.I deleted the bad kext and did a permission repair than used the NEW Multi Beast and add the new and improved audio for 889 and fakesmc.kext and it all installed perfect..Thanks again.everyone for the...
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    Multibeast 5.1 fails

    O what Da the hay did i do that ..My Bad..Let me try again..Gezzzz..No wonder I dont know how the usb Legacy got there.Sorry OK MacMan now can you help or anybody.Cleared log screen and ran New Multi.B
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    Multibeast 5.1 fails

    Peppy2 how did you reverse the installation of Legacy USB Support,I never picked that in M.B.and I dont use a DSDT because of the bios I am using dont need it.
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    Multibeast 5.1 fails

    Well I did a clean install when I got the Mountain Lion download from Apple.I have had no issues until I just used the new Multi-B..What do you suggest I do now -.MacMan
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    Multibeast 5.1 fails

    Having the same problem.. Hope this helps for fix.I wanted to install the new 889 Audio plugin and that failed so I tried a install of the ps2 plugin and no go.Both failed.I cleared the counsel and ran Multi and got this info on a clean screen.Hope I did it right.Check My Build on bottom of...
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    mountain Lion 10.8.2 problem

    Not familiar with the Motherboard but if you can why not run onboard video and see if that helps..Also do a cold boot.and also reset motherboard to default..hope thats something..
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    PCI IDE controller Card for Snow -MT-Win 7

    Yes U are right about that BUT i hate putting all my eggs in one basket..and these drives are all most like new for hours used and great for movies backup and pics..Thanks for the Good info though..
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    PCI IDE controller Card for Snow -MT-Win 7

    I was wondering if anyone knew or had pci controller card that works with Snow Leopard,,,Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.2 and Win 7 Build.I have new Sata III Drives but want to use my four 250 Wd's for storage..Any Help is appreciated..
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    Forum Reorganization

    Looking Good
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    Will this Fly,my second build hardware List

    Will this Fly ??? my second build hardware List I am doing another Hack and my first is working Great,So my wife wants one..Here is the list of Hardware I want to use..any thoughts from Mods are welcomed. Ga-z77x-UP5 or Ga-z77-UD5H--Micro Center i5 3570k--Micro Center Going to use HD...