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    [GUIDE] Installing 3rd Party Kexts - El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina

    Good job! But I have to point out this boot argument has already been deprecated. Considering this guide is made for OS X 10.11 EI Captain and later, we don't need to use this argument any more. In fact, shouldn't use. reference:
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    Prohibited sign and couldn't allocate runtime area - need help. (Mojave)

    Why not try to boot with boot arg="keepsyms=1"?
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    Mojave Graphics Card Compatibility

    GT730 is compatible with latest macOS while GT210 is incompatible due to the lack of support of Metal.
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    [In progress] SSDT for Thunderbolt 3 Hotplug

    I want to know whether a genuine Mac will display Thunderbolt peripherals in PCI list when Thunderbolt peripherals are connected? The only Mac model, as I know, has information in PCI list even when no Thunderbolt peripherals plugged in is Mac Pro 6,1, which display its dual AMD graphic cards in...
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    Is it necessary to use ACPI patch in config if equipped with whatevergreen?

    According to, when using Whatevergreen as GPU solution, following clover ACPI patches should be disabled or removed: Change/Rename GFX0 to IGPU Change/Rename PEG0 to GFX0 Change/Rename HECI to IMEI But in...
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    Confusion about Whatevergreen usage

    It is a common sense that we must use Whatevergreen and Lilu to patch Intel Graphics Framebuffer on macOS Mojave or greater. So, the primitive way that old patches use must be transmitted to Whatevergreen-powered way right now, like DVMT patches, connector patches, and so on. When using new...
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    Solved > [macOS 10.15.0] Thinkpad X1 Extreme Hackintosh

    PM981 is really a catastrophe for Hackintosh, hence I wonder how you solved the kernel panic due to this SSD?
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    macOS Native Discrete GPU Power Management

    BTW, I think you forget to add iMac 18,2 into the table too. In fact, many iMac models are also equipped with dGPU.
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    [SOLVED] Gigabyte Z370 HD3P i5-9600k, no intel UHD 630

    maybe Mac mini 8,1 is the best SMBIOS definition due to your CPU gen and your lack of dGPU.
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    macOS Native Discrete GPU Power Management

    Maybe we should add MacBook Pro 15,1 into the table owing to the latest release? I think this native kext must be updated to enable native DGPU power management on a genuine MacBook Pro 15,1.
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    Cannot install on old Acer 4820T

    Provided that I were you, I would like to trade this laptop for a new one. Even if you install MacOS Mojave on this laptop, you would confront bad experience due to the lack of QE/CI of your iGPU.
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    Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth [Guide]

    No need for FakePCIID-Broadcom-Wifi.kext now? for BCM94352z?
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    [SUCCESS] Ongoing Status of Designare Z390 with i7-9700K

    In fact, iGPU works in deep conjunction with GFX0 on iMac. I can safely draw the conclusion due to my own experiment, that is, typing"ioreg -l | grep ig-platform-id" on a real iMac(Retina 5K, 2017) with the ig-platform-id got. When I google this ig-platform-id, I found that id has no connectors...
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    [Solved] Downgrade from Mojave to High Sierra

    In fact, the alternative driver for Nvidia Graphics Card loses more performance than AMD ones since the release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. It is said that the latest version of FCPX requires macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 or later?