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    Was upgrading to Lion worth it?

    No. Too many issues with video codecs and video playback. I switched back to Snow.
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    best motherboard for hackintosh i7 2600k

    GA-P67A-UD3-B3 is the better board imo The only real advantage in z68 chipset is in bus for intel graphics. If you are using discrete graphics the P67 series is better because it's slightly less expensive but is exactly the same board. z68 and p67 (ud3) will perform the same in OC-ing To be...
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    Lion Installed, but Having 2 Issues

    1.) JBMicro kexts will take care of the drive icon issue. 2.) not sure on system extensions. Have not seen that before.
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    What is "setfile -a V /Volumes/Diskname" in Lion?

    Perfect! Thanks! How about adding to path. Is this correct? echo 'export PATH=YOURPATHHERE:$PATH' >> ~/.profile Ty.
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    Help me selecting a graphics card..

    HD-6850 also works great
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    And what about the Sound Card?

    Cheap and easy audio solution Driver attached. (install in /S/L/E/ with Kext Utility) Ty.
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    What is "setfile -a V /Volumes/Diskname" in Lion?

    It seems x11 unix commands are no longer available. I am missing this one setfile -a V /Volumes/Diskname Does anyone know how to hide a drive in Lion? Or how to get Unix commands back? Ty
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    this version of Mac ox X 10.7 is not compatible with my comp

    They might just be getting too much traffic. I got errors 3 times before it started downloading. Try again... Will advise on if update works. Ty
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    How to install the Ati HD 6850 graphic card

    Sorry I missed this one ... adeon.html It states 6870 is oob supported. Ty.
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    How to install the Ati HD 6850 graphic card

    These are the only cards I can speak for: And a more comprehensive list here, (I...
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    6850 Not in Profiler correctly

    Small odd issue looking for insight. My 6850 works great. Am using Duckweed and it loads the correct frambuffer but the card does not appear in system profiler. It shows up under Graphics/Display but not under PCi Cards. Something to do with Chimera? Or have I done something wrong? Ty
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    How to install the Ati HD 6850 graphic card

    I have the same card. If you are already running 10.6.7 you can install Chimera and set graphics enabler to no in Your system should boot without issue Be sure to use the HDMi out and a single monitor until you get it up and running. Then you can tweak it to run dual...
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    6850 and 6870, DisplayPort garbled on reboot

    I did a lot of work optimizing the 6850 for dual monitors. Here is all the info. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=24583 Ty.
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    ITunes 10.3.1 crashing shortly after launch

    Unfortunately that did not work. iTunes is still crashing shortly after it starts up. Everything else works fine though. Any other thoughts or suggestions? Thanks Ty. Here is the terminal command I used sudo rm -Rf...