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  • Lenovo ThinkStation P700
    nice! :)
  • Z390 + i9 9900k + Dual Vega 64
    is there space for plugging-in the NVMe drives, next to those huge vegas? or some adaptor is needed?
  • 320806-3c6fddc094549e863b3bc00a67a9a9a6.jpg
    My spec: core i7-7700HQ Ram 16GB DDr4 Nvida Graphic Card 1050ti 4GB SSD 128 (Installed Windows 10) 1TB (Want to install Mac in it) I'm trying...
  • photo
    I'm using the same motherboard and I can't get pass the "Error Loading Operating System" on boot screen. I did follow the BIOS steps: 3. If your...
  • Side View
    @magyara well I just started running Ableton 10 on it so it’s a little hard to say. But so far no issues. I also run protools as well but have yet...