Plus + signs on booting MacOs Sierra

Plus + signs on booting MacOs Sierra

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mac os sierra issues
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Hello, for a long time I've wanted to create a dualboot computer! I've had a personal built pc for a while now and am leaving the country for.. a while. So I bought a laptop instead. I've reset my main pc and have been studying on how to create a hackintosh with it for my mom to use while I'm away for her work. I am trying to do this solely from windows 10. I've figured out how to get Clover bootloader, have AHCI Sata enabled. and messed around with a few different config.plist files. Upon entering install for the Usb with Sierra Installation, all I get is this row of Plus's. It does not change. There was a previous time i was working on this with lesser idea what i was doing and this happened. I went to bed, and woke up, and it worked, but then I ran into error because i had wrong smbios or something. Dont know what changed it to work. I think i have proper smbios now.

Helping me get through this, you would be an angel

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