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The Differentiated System Description Table is the main ACPI Machine Language table. It tells the OS how to interact with the hardware. OSX has an incomplete ACPI implementation which supports only a subset of DSDT. By replacing DSDT we can declare essentially the same interface but in the way that OSX will understand it. This potentially can solve nearly any ACPI-related problem as long as OSX does not bypass the ACPI.[1]



A DSDT, like all ACPI tables, is written in the textual ACPI Source Language (ASL), and saved as a .dsl file. When ready for compilation, ASL is compiled into AML, ACPI Machine Language, as .aml file, which is binary. The tools provided by Intel, acpi-utils, provide all of the basic tools necessary to compile and examine ACPI tables

DSDT Editing

MacMan has written three blog posts on DSDT editing for Gigabyte motherboards.

The first is Minimal DSDT Edits for Gigabyte Socket 1156 Motherboards: [1]

The second is Minimal DSDT Edits for Gigabyte Socket 1366 Motherboards: [2]

The third is Minimal DSDT Edits for Gigabyte Socket 1155 Motherboards: [3]

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