Mavericks slow boot. SOLVED

Hello everyone.

I have been using Mountain Lion now for almost one year on my desktop plus few other experimental PC's and laptops. This has been rather simple in my case for the desktops also of the laptops but the laptops all have lacked the goodies that you get with the trackpad on a real Mac (Macbook or MBP)

Now my motherboards are MSI H61M P31, everything works except sleep but that is OK i can live with that. I have two P>C now with GT640 and the other with GTX 660 OC both work flawlessly and I am quite satisfied. On both these machines I use the excellent Parallels virtual machine for Windows applications.

I get very fast boots from SSD disks even my mother boards only have SATA II.

Now after installing and experimenting with the new Mavericks I got it up and running quickly and with quite similar results, except Mavericks boots a lot slower and it seems like ages compared to the approx 20 sec boot with ML.

I have tried all boot loaders I can find but still this slow boot, except if I boot from the install USB. Can anyone give me a hint to get the split second boot again for the Mavericks like I had with the ML.

I note that I after i restored the documents and software from the Time Machine backup from the ML the boot seems to get even slower and is similar from a 2Tb Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM as from the SSD's, but still much shorter boot using the USB install disk.

What boot loader is in the USB that Unibeast installs on the USB key?

I made the error of migrating all software and documents rift after install so my SSD was filled up with permission errors. I installed again and copied only the documents and files but installed all software again, now my PC's boot up at similar speed, everything is working as it did in ML

Best Regards