XFX Radeon HD 6450 ML Black Screen

Hello everyone,

I'm having many issues using a XFX Radeon HD 6450 on Mountain Lion. I've tried just about every method possible and still no luck. I must have reinstalled 10.8.2 20 times so far with different methods but still no luck. Is there anybody who has this card working and can let me know what they have done?

I followed all of these Methods with no luck
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And several others,

I have added ATIConfig=Pithecia in the org.chameleon list. And ATIPorts=3 as mentioned. I've also gone through and tried all the framebuffers listed (bulrushes, duckweed, kudzu, etc) Doing that worked in Lion but not one worked so far in ML. It does boot with GE=No but the machine is meant to be a HTPC using EyeTV to create TV recordings and Its most likely won't work with GE=no.

Any help would be appreciated! If there is no luck I'll probably downgrade back to Lion 10.7.4.