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    GIGABYTE G1.Assassin LGA 1366 Intel X58

    For starters, I am a noob in the world of Hackintosh. This is my first build and I have learned a lot from reading the forums. My brother gave me most everything for the build except the motherboard and the cpu cooling system. So i hardly have much invested in these build.

    After several attempts to install ML. I finally had a successful attempt and got the OS to install. I transferred Multibeast and the DSDT for the G1.Assassin.F3 to the desktop and proceeded to try and load the drivers i need and came up short by far as what to actually choose.

    As of right now I am still at a stand still. Most of the icons for the OS are non-exestent. They are there but 100% transparent. I have no audio and no ethernet. I have not yet installed a wi-fi card, but plan to order one once I get the rest of my issues ironed out.

    GIGABYTE G1.Assassin LGA 1366 Intel X58-378184_10150990330949436_1290676805_n.jpg

    The Build Specs:
    CPU: i7 970 6 Core (Newegg)
    Mobo: GIGABYTE G1.Assassin LGA 1366 Intel X58 (Newegg)
    Ram: 12Gb DDR3
    PSU: Cooler Master 1200W Silent Pro Gold (Newegg)
    GPU: MSI 550 Ti 1Gb GDDR5 (Newegg) & Galaxy 550 Ti 1Gb GDDR5 (Newegg) (Not sure if I can run them in SLI)
    HDD: 120 Gb 2.5 (Out of Old Macbook Pro / Plan to replace with SSD) / 2x WD VelociRaptor 10000RPM 600Gb (Newegg) (Planned to run windows on these in Raid 0)
    CPU Cooling: Corsair H80 (Newegg)

    Any suggestions on what I need to check on the list in Multibeast would be a huge help. Thank you in advance.

    As for the components. I know Socket 1366 and the i7 970 are not the best option but they were free. And the 550ti GPUs were free as well, although I have seen them used in several builds on Youtube. My brother has just out grown all the parts, and has moved up to Socket 2011 and better GPUs.
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