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MultiBeast 5.5 Update
  • MultiBeast 5.5 Update

    Published on 09-20-2013 02:27 PM by
    MultiBeast, the ultimate post-installation utility, has been updated to version 5.5 for OS X Mountain Lion. Changes include the addition of Chimera 2.2, new 10.8.5 AppleHDA audio drivers and more.

    Please make sure to read the documentation provided in the MultiBeast Features document and at for all install locations and details. You can download the latest version at

    Please do not upload or redistribute MultiBeast to any other sites.

    Visible Changes:
    • Added Drivers & Bootloaders -> Bootloaders -> Chimera v2.2.0-r2248

    Internal Changes:
    • Updated EasyBeast and UserDSDT Chimera to v2.2.0-r2248
    • Updated FakeSMC and Plugins to kozlek's branch v5.3.820 but with auto-update disabled
    • Updated hnak's AppleIntelE1000e Ethernet to v2.5.4c
    • Updated Drivers & Bootloaders -> Drivers -> USB 3.0 - Universal to Zenith432's GenericUSBXHCI.kext v1.2.6d2
    • Updated toleda's patched AppleHDAs to the 10.8.5 versions
    • Updated MacMan's AHCI_3rdParty_eSATA and AHCI_3rdParty_SATA kexts to v0.4

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    1. tmac55's Avatar
      tmac55 -
      Thank you for all your hard work!!!
    1. bikinifarm's Avatar
      bikinifarm -
      Hnak's AppleIntelE1000e.kext to version 2.5.4c has been updated to 2.5.4d. 2.5.4c has issues.
    1. abhijitpat's Avatar
      abhijitpat -
      Quote Originally Posted by bikinifarm View Post
      Hnak's AppleIntelE1000e.kext to version 2.5.4c has been updated to 2.5.4d. 2.5.4c has issues.
      Agreed. It drove me nuts. The particular problem was while uploading and it surfaced on Skype and Hangouts. I have presently rolled back the version to 2.4.14 and everything seems to work.
    1. bikinifarm's Avatar
      bikinifarm -
      Quote Originally Posted by abhijitpat View Post
      Agreed. It drove me nuts. The particular problem was while uploading and it surfaced on Skype and Hangouts. I have presently rolled back the version to 2.4.14 and everything seems to work.
      Same here. Rolled back. 2.5.4d also does not work.
    1. shipsat's Avatar
      shipsat -
      The problem is not Bluetooth, by USB Jabra - A320s. At 10.8.4 everything worked. Who can tell what's wrong??

      Installed 10.8.5, used Multibeast 5.5 UserDSDT, booted changing org.chameleon.Boot.plist? Npci = 0x2000. The sound is excellent.
      (GA-X79-UD5, i7-3930K, GTX-670)

      Thank you!
    1. bikinifarm's Avatar
      bikinifarm -
      For anyone who has not been able to boot a Haswell system with 10.8.5, but was able to boot a 10.8.4 modded kernel, 10.8.5 should boot with cpus=1. (Yes it is very slow). This goes to show that cpu recognition is still an issue with 'some' CPUs or motherboards for 10.8.5, and we will still need a modded kernel for 10.8.5.

      UPDATE: Actually, this is not the case. cpus=1 does not work.
    1. Robbieboy.43's Avatar
      Robbieboy.43 -
      Great Update guy's thanks....
    1. hfearly's Avatar
      hfearly -
      Quote Originally Posted by bikinifarm View Post
      Hnak's AppleIntelE1000e.kext to version 2.5.4c has been updated to 2.5.4d. 2.5.4c has issues.
      Yes, that's what I figure out after a week of using 2.5.4c. I was running into "no buffer space available" issues after about an hour of (intensive, i.e., many packets) use, and networking as well as OS would just completely go into spinning ball of death mode until reboot. After downgrading to Multibeast 5.4.3's Intel driver, no more problems. Just an FYI.
    1. Kharles's Avatar
      Kharles -
      thanx a lot for the work
    1. mancc01's Avatar
      mancc01 -
      Thank you very much
    1. MacMan's Avatar
      MacMan -
      MultiBeast 5.5.2 Now Available:

      Visible Changes:
      - Replaced Drivers & Bootloaders -> Bootloaders -> Chimera v2.2.0 r2248 with Chimera v2.2.1 r2248

      Internal Changes:
      - Fixed Drivers & Bootloaders -> Bootloaders -> System -> Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement -> OS X 10.8.5
      - Updated EasyBeast and UserDSDT Chimera to v2.2.1 r2248
      - Updated hnak's AppleIntelE1000e Ethernet to v2.5.4d
    1. DASHRECORD's Avatar
      Thank you very much
    1. Sunbecks's Avatar
      Sunbecks -
      Thanks for sharing such a good software.
    1. iwacemaker's Avatar
      iwacemaker -
      Quote Originally Posted by a_dark_star_born View Post
      I have a Gygabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H Z77 Mobo paired with a 3770k and my graphics are pushed through my EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked (amazon link at bottom of post) and I can't seem to get a stable running system past 10.8.1 . It hasn't been to big of an issue because the updates haven't altered the OS very much. I upgraded to 10.8.2 and graphics wouldn't work with my card. Skipped 10.8.3 and upgraded to 10.8.4 The 10.8.4 install was kind of jittery and would randomly freeze. Does anyone else with this mobo have these problems. It might just be my multi-beast settings. Audio has never worked for me either. I know it's ALC 898 but the kexts provided by multi-beast just don't work

      Graphics card link ( )
      You may want to check this post. The freeze maybe coming from your video card. I have a 460 SC, the freezefix app fixed my freeze

      560ti fermi freeze back with latest drivers/10.8.3
    1. iwacemaker's Avatar
      iwacemaker -
      Finally decided to update, Z77X-UD5H. Only update the audio driver and everything works just fine. Have to update the fakeSMC plugin and the hardware monitor app to get all the readings back though.
    1. laloman18's Avatar
      laloman18 -
      Quote Originally Posted by an1r0n View Post
      For some reason, after 10.8.5 combo update, MultiBeast 5.5 does not fix alc888 sound : / Tried both legacy and current. Not working.

      I updated to 10.8.5 from 10.8.4 with a working sound : (
      Try installing stand alone VoodooHDA.kext from another site like kexts(dot com) as the ones from Multibeast don't work....

      Install the one VoodooHDA.kext for 10.8.4 and you will have full audio without having to reinstall everytime you update with normal AppleHDA inserts...

      If you do install, make sure you lower all the way down the front Microphone volume to 0 in the VoodooHDA pane! This will eliminate the hardware noise heard through ur speakers or headphones when you up the Gain level!
    1. rickya51dc's Avatar
      rickya51dc -
      Many thanks All works fine But SMC::smcGetKeyFromIndexAction ERROR always here..

      only let me enter safe start mode (-x)
      i5 4670
    1. Sir-Hacks-a-Mac's Avatar
      Sir-Hacks-a-Mac -
      Not sure if I should comment here or start a thread -- I'll try this first: I'm looking to find a copy of MultiBeast 5.5.0, 5.5.2 is not working for me...

      I've completed a new build:
      Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC / i5-4670K / 16GB DDR3 1600

      Completed Mountain Lion 10.5.5 Install and NoDSDT install with MultiBeast 5.5.0 for ALC892 Audio, hnak's networking, GraphicsEnabler=No, IGPEnabler=Yes. All was working wonderfully, sound, sleep, etc...

      Completed restoring from backup, moved home folders to an external drive and then installed a new SSD (same model, a Corsair Force SATA2, but larger than the old one). re-installing, downloaded MultiBeast 5.5.2 -- in this case, the update broke sleep, sound, and networking. Now unable to get the old drivers as I had overwritten MultiBeast 5.5.0 (my bad).

      Any help would be enormously appreciated, and I can start a new thread about this if this is not the right venue. I'm very new to this community, which is really an extraordinary place! Thank you to all the contributors here!
    1. MacMan's Avatar
      MacMan -
      MultiBeast 5.5.2 is the only supported and available version.

      The only components that that changed between 5.5.0 and 5.5.2 is Chimera and hnack ethernet.

      The change in Chimera was only for changing the default igp-platform-id for the HD4600 and would have no effect on your issues.

      The change in hnack was to fix major bugs in the version that was in MultiBeast 5.5.0.

      Using MultiBeast 5.5.0 won't solve your issues.
    1. jeffsmith89423's Avatar
      jeffsmith89423 -
      updated to 10.8.5 using app store update. after updating and ran multibeast 5.5.2 updated ALC 892 ran repair permissions reboot still no audio. any help

      system: MoBo Z77N, i3770, 16mb ram,