• UniBeast 1.6 Update

    Published on 01-04-2013 11:29 AM by
    UniBeast has been updated to 1.6 for Lion and Mountain Lion. The latest versions are available for download at tonymacx86.com/downloads.


    • Updated Atheros network driver to Atheros - Shailua's ALXEthernet v1.0.2
    • Updated Intel Ethernet network driver to Intel - hnak's AppleIntelE1000e v2.1.7
    • Added progress messages to install.log
    • Added better error messages to install.log for failed installs.

    Please do not upload or redistribute UniBeast to any other sites.

    If this utility has helped you, please consider a contribution to support further UniBeast development. Thanks in advance, and enjoy!

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    1. MiniITX's Avatar
      MiniITX -
      Tried it on my test rig works perfect. Thanks
    1. Pakalolo's Avatar
      Pakalolo -
      Thanks for the update.
    1. woktov's Avatar
      woktov -
      An update, yaaaaaaaaay.
    1. nobodynose's Avatar
      nobodynose -
      My install failed - where does the install.log get written?
    1. adangarch's Avatar
      adangarch -
      thanks, i will test on new CPU
    1. MacMan's Avatar
      MacMan -
      http://www.tonymacx86.com/unibeast/7...ing-notes.html has been updated for UniBeast 1.6.
    1. lisapower's Avatar
      lisapower -
      Thank you very much for the Update!
    1. MacMan's Avatar
      MacMan -
      If you are having issues create a topic in http://www.tonymacx86.com/unibeast/ with your UniBeast install logs in your post. You can access the installation logs using the Console program in Utilities.

      In Console choose /var/log -> install.log.

      Copy all log entries starting with the line:

      "UniBeast Mac App Store Mountain Lion Installation Log" or "UniBeast Mac App Store Lion Installation Log"

      And ending with:

      "Displaying 'Install Failed' UI."

      Without this information I cannot determine what the failure is.

      Posting the installed failed message is useless and a waste of time. You MUST post the install.log to get assistance or to fix any bugs. Any posts stating installed failed with no information will be deleted.
    1. Netrogen's Avatar
      Netrogen -
      Having problems with 1.6 too. Any chance you could post a link to 1.5.3, as I'm in a bit of a fix? I was trying a clean install yesterday and after not being able to get Unibeast to work, I foolishy tried a different method to get a bootable USB (can't even remember the name, was French though) - this somehow affected my installed system and made it unbootable.

      I've now not got a working osx86 system, I've got iBoot and a SL dvd so hopefully that should get me to 10.6.8, then I'll use Unibeast to get back to 10.8.2.

      Any help appreciated.
    1. MacMan's Avatar
      MacMan -
      UniBeast - Mountain Lion 1.6.1 now available for download.

      This version fixes a bug that may have prevented UniBeast from running and only exists in the Mountain Lion version of UniBeast.
    1. CompStomp's Avatar
      CompStomp -
      Updated the OS to 10.8, thank you TonyMac, and everyone on the forums!
    1. gunnar's Avatar
      gunnar -
      Thanks this helped a lot for me moving to Mountain Lion. I built a silent computer based on the taiwanese NoFan computer case (their signature feature being the huge circular cooling element occupying most of the case internals). Fanless power supply as well. SSD drives so no moving parts.
      For some time I settled for the motherboard Intel graphics and never got dual display going. But now I read about NVidia native support in Mountain Lion so it looked tempting to try to end up with a working multi display setup. I decided on a passively cooled "ZOTAC GeForce GT 640 2GB PhysX CUDA PCI-Express 3.0, "ZONE Edition", DDR3, 2xDVI, mini-HDMI" and just hoped things would turn out. With only millimetre margins the Zotac card fit into oneof the very few card slots no covered by the huge CPU cooler and it takes up two card slots in width for all the passive cooling. With the target boot drive prepped using Unibeast 1.6 to load my appstore purchased Mountain Lion I booted up with the card in place and two monitors. I also used MultiBeast to get the configuration right (no DSDT, no GraphicsEnabler). A few forum posts got me on the track of what kexts to configure for my board. Once I figured things out I got a clean boot. I am amazed. Only remaining issue is resuming with working video following standby. I might figure that out too with time. I will try hooking up a monitor to the mini HDMI slot of that card and see if I get a third monitor up as well.
    1. MacMan's Avatar
      MacMan -
      This version of UniBeast is no longer supported or available.